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B2B Marketing Metrics

Are You Getting All The Information You need?

We’ve met enough marketers to know that most struggle with B2B marketing metrics. Lost or broken tracking, light weight reporting from marketing automation platforms and confusing information from standard reporting systems like Google Analytics – you are not alone.

What’s worse is your boss expects you to pull it all together and accurately demonstrate results – right through to what campaign delivered sales.

It takes time, deep knowledge and an understanding of multiple systems. We’ve seen under the hood of enough systems and have the expertise to bring you reporting across platforms.

Tell us what you want to report on and we’ll show you how. It’s just one of the ways we can improve your marketing performance.

B2B Marketing Metrics

Director's Guide. The Metrics That Matter

Get the insight from your data that you need.

  • What’s required to shift to a data-first marketing department
  • Develop ways to critically analyse past performance
  • How to future forecast
  • Sales metrics to tune into
  • How to present the right information to the board

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